Entering the 2012 offseason, no one would have thought that we’d have so many opportunities to use the tired yet true supermodel at the bar analogy with Bill Parcells, a white-haired 70-year-old man. We also didn’t think Sean Payton would be gone for a year, or that Tim Tebow would be preparing to play for a team not named the Denver Broncos next fall.

Parcells took over where Manning left off, becoming the NFL’s most sought after commodity. However, it was assumed that the chase for Parcells was hardly a chase at all, and the pursuit consisted of just one team, the Saints. In the quotes that have leaked Parcells has sounded like he’s ready to accept the New Orleans job, and just two formalities stand in his way. First, a ruling on Payton’s appeal needs to be issued by Roger Goodell, and then a contract needs to be pushed across the figurative table by Saints GM Mickey Loomis.

But alas, it’s not that easy. It never is.

Another suitor for Parcells’ services has reportedly emerged, and their need for a motivator isn’t difficult to justify.

Tells us more about this mystery team, New York Post:

Even as the Saints beg Bill Parcells to come to New Orleans, The Post has learned Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is putting the hard sell on the former Giants and Jets coach to head to Minnesota and “run the show.’’

The Post’s report also indicates that Wilf asked Parcells to “name his price,” and that if he accepted the position the two-time Super Bowl winner would become both the Vikings’ head coach, and the director of football operations.

The Vikings hold the third overall pick in this year’s draft as a result of a three-win season during Leslie Frazier’s first full year as head coach. While Parcells would certainly be an upgrade on the sideline simply due to his résumé and Frazier’s lack of head coaching experience when compared to the Big Tuna, it’s difficult to see this being a fit.

If Parcells had a strong, burning desire to return to coaching, he could have done it years ago when he fielded multiple job offers after leaving the Cowboys in 2006. The primary factor that’s motivated him to even entertain and likely accept the Saints interim job is his strong connection with Payton.

He sees the Saints position as much more than just a coaching job, and a shot at a championship. It’s a favor for a close friend who was once Parcells’ protege, a sentiment he’s repeated multiple times.

That strong connection doesn’t exist in Minnesota, and it never will. The far more likely scenario here is that this is a planted leak from Camp Parcells in an attempt to fabricate a market, and extract more money from the Saints’ wallet.

And now you want to know the rest of the story…

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