When 15,000 people gather in Texas to hear Tim Tebow speak on Easter Sunday, a few quotes painted in pure, authentic gold will inevitably emerge from the crowd.

Friends, here’s your early leader in the clubhouse after sinking an albatross from the fairway.

From the New York Post:

Many of the believers said New Yorkers are lucky now to be in Tebow’s presence.

“I’ve been to New York a few times, and there were so many people who were just lost,” said Wynter Veal-Drummond, who drove 17 hours to join Tebow’s “congregation.” “I think God sent him there for a reason — because there are so many people in New York who don’t have a relationship with God.”

Boomer Sandoval, 23, a student from Round Rock, Texas, agreed.

“I think New York needs Tim Tebow,’’ he said. “It’s a hectic place, and I think people there get caught up in money and all that.”

Yes, money and “all that” are certainly what’s caused all the problems in urbanized, highly-populated areas. Those sources of evil have also been a factor in the growth of major American cities and their status as thriving centers of commerce.

Tim Tebow needs to save those cities from their sins. Now.

Also, has anyone ever noticed that Tebow likes to thank his lord and savior often? Yeah, me neither. It’ll shock you to learn that’s not an accident. He’s just a morally righteous dude using his celebrity status as a platform to spread good will, and for some reason that still makes a lot of people very, very angry.