Links: In Defense of Terrell Owens

We talked about red flags last week but it bears repeating: usually they’re overblown. Terrell Owens may be the vanguard of the red flag. Banished from the NFL, T.O now plies his trade in the IFL.

The IFL serves as the Arena Football League’s feeder organization. Yes, Owens scared off suitors in the AFL. After some terrible financial decisions T.O is struggling to pay the bills. Not surprisingly, he wants back into the league that made him a household name. Owens sounds repentant:

“A lot of people have said I’ve thrown [quarterbacks] under the bus, this and that and rightfully so,” Owens said.  “I have had some moments where I have said some things at the wrong time.  Those were years where I was younger, now I’ve matured more.  I’m in a different head space so to speak.”

We’ve all made terrible decisions. For Owens, those bad choices were unfortunately carried out in the media cesspool that is the NFL. Production wise, Owens performed well in both Buffalo and Cincinnati. For a team looking for an adept route runner, you could do a lot worse than Terrell Owens. (T.O, if you need an agent…just saying)

And now you want to know the rest of the story…

  • Donovan McNabb and Jake Plummer agree: RG3 is not a fit for Mike Shanahan’s offense. Gary Kubiak, a former Shanahan disciple, isn’t concerned, and neither is Ron Jaworski. [Washington Times]
  • Fran Tarkenton believes Gregg Williams should be in prison for his role in the Saints bounty scandal. That seems a little ridiculous. [Sports Radio Interviews]
  • “NFL Magazine”, Canada’s source for all your pro football news, has shut down just a few months after it began publishing in December. The Toronto Star’s headline for this article is vomit inducing.  [Toronto Star]
  • Kyle Turley, a self described “bad ass” who used to play for the Saints had some interesting things to say regarding the NFL’s handling of the situation in New Orleans. Worth a listen. []
  • Warren Sapp is broke as hell, but he’s not the only one. This list may surprise you. [Yahoo]
  • Brock Osweiler is in Miami for a visit with the Dolphins. Are the Fins expecting Ryan Tannehill to be off the board when they make their selection at number eight? [SB Nation]
  • Percy Harvin, Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Spikes “undermined” Urban Meyer during their time in Gainesville. They’re all pretty good pros. Death to the red flag! [PFT]
  • Kurt Warner believes Gregg Williams deserves a second chance. [Canoe]
  • Jaguars DT Terrance Knighton was involved in a bizarre incident over the weekend that resulted in a severe eye injury. The league is “monitoring the situation.” [First Coast News]
  • Ryan Leaf’s downfall should serve as a cautionary tale for future players. This is a great read, check it out.             [Vancouver Sun]