When Jim Irsay isn’t cryptically quoting Pearl Jam lyrics on Twitter or telling us that Andrew Luck is the coolest guy ever, he’s doing his best sell job for opposing owners.

“Zygi the Biggie” is of course Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, meaning Irsay is implying that the only way a team can secure Ryan Tannehill’s services is to trade up to the third overall slot through a swap with Minnesota, just like the Redskins secured Robert Griffin III by trading with the Rams and shipping off every draft pick they own over the next 19 years.

A small part of this is Irsay just being Irsay, that zany old owner who’s so cool he knows how to use a computer, and even Twitter. But the larger reality is that during his experience dealing with the Griffin and Andrew Luck hype machine, Irsay has become quite familiar with the desperation to land an elite quarterback in the draft, or at least a QB who could maybe, hopefully, probably, and possibly be elite. He also knows the power of his Twitter account, so combined with that desperation he can fuel a bidding war, and force another franchise to sacrifice multiple picks.

About a month ago the prize in the great draft bidding war of 2012 was RG3, a far more certain prospect. Now it could be Tannehill, an intriguing top five-worthy QB with plenty of upside, but the risk associated with his lack of experience elevates the pain and job loss that will come as a result of executing a blockbuster trade that fails spectacularly.

If a bidding war develops, it’ll be between the Browns and Dolphins. We’re fine with the Browns taking a risk on Tannehill at No. 4, but the risk management line is drawn if they have to give up anything of significance to move up just one spot. Tannehill is impressive, but the step down to Brandon Weeden may not be large enough to justify a trade, and Weeden should be available when Cleveland is on the clock with their 37th overall pick in the second round.