Jabar Gaffney seems to thoroughly enjoy making an ass of himself on Twitter. Remember when he jokingly told a fan to kill himself? No one laughed, and after deleting the original tweet Gaffney failed to understand that when you’re telling someone else to die, your right to freedom of speech and to be an Internet comedian ends.

At that point, you’re just a moron, and a football player who’s unfortunately feeding the usually false stereotype that athletes are very rich, and very unintelligent.

For Gaffney, that generalization is true, and today he provided another example of why stupidity left unchecked on the Internet can destroy whatever shred of dignity you have left. Brace yourself for the foul language and abusive terms (you’ve been warned), and dare to gaze upon a seemingly unprovoked tirade earlier this afternoon that was broadcasted to the world.

Take it away, Jabar

“Lito” is Lito Sheppard, the former Raiders cornerback and current free agent who’s the subject of Gaffney’s blinding rage that’s contained in tidy 140-character or less packages which will now live forever (you’re welcome). We know this because he thinks Sheppard is a really big cat, and in most circles it’s very insulting to be called a cat, or something.

So to review, Gaffney is getting a divorce, he hates Sheppard, and lost in the middle is his friendly exchange with some guy named Yoshi, who also thinks that Gaffney is an idiot for his Twitter rage. These tweets will undoubtedly be deleted, and a claim of hackery will be issued publicly. Then within seconds that claim will be shot down, because hackers are computer nerds, not stalkers who know about your personal beefs with a former teammate, and your pending divorce.

But you just keep on keepin’ on, Jabar. And please keep telling me where you are at all times so that I can be far, far away.