Trying to justify the managerial decisions in New Orleans is about as easy as getting Rob Gronkowski to wear pants that weren’t popularized 20 years ago. Joe Vitt is a fine football mind and a quality leader, but naming him the head coach adds unnecessary confusion and disorganization to a situation that’s already a steaming mess.

Vitt has been temporarily promoted to replace Sean Payton because of his leadership skills. His familiarity with Payton’s offensive scheme and the way he runs a championship-caliber organization were evidently so strong that Saints owner Tom Benson was willing look past the fact that his coach will be gone for six weeks due to his own Bountygate suspension.

Alright fine, fair enough, Tom, we can agree to disagree, because I know you’re a passionate GLS reader, and you highly respect my opinion. But if Vitt’s job is to use his superior leadership skills to make sure that the impact of Payton’s absence is minimized, it would be wise to have the entire team present for offseason training activities. Vitt will then have four months to work his magic with a full roster before he has to disappear for six weeks.

The first session of offseason training activities starts Monday, and one player who’s kind of really important likely won’t be in attendance.

Continuity and cohesiveness are two key elements that will pull the Saints through a historic punishment. There are times to stubbornly negotiate, and this isn’t one of them.

Brees was given the franchise tag at the tagging deadline, and he was about as happy with that outcome as a kid who learns that all the Happy Meal toys are sold out. He wants a long-term commitment, and as a record-setting quarterback who was one of three pivots to throw for over 5,000 yards last year, he definitely deserves one. The problem, of course, is that he’s 33, and although elite quarterbacks often perform at a high level well into their late 30s, Peyton Manning’s injury has injected a scary dose of reality throughout the league.

During normal times, playing a bit of hardball would be acceptable for that reason alone. But again, these are far from normal times in The Big Easy, and Brees, the dedicated on-field leader who organized player-only workouts during the lockout, needs to be alongside Vitt this offseason to provide further stability.

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