A slow Monday must be ending if we’re turning to TMZ and their investigative reports on the latest septic system failures in Malibu, but that’s where we’re at guys. Love it. Embrace it.

Brian Bosworth was best known during his playing days for being an infamous Seahawks bust, and for having his mouth handed to him by Bo Jackson. Or if you’re a fan of awful early 90′s action movies with poor punch lines and worse hair, maybe you’re more familiar with his work in Stone Cold. Either way, just be aware that between a failed football career and a few acting gigs that primarily involved shooting fake guns and delivering fake karate chops, the Boz made a lot of money off of very little talent.

Then he did something that many rich young men with too much disposable income do: he bought a mansion in Malibu, the same massive residence that was later featured prominently on The OC.

Bosworth sold the property to a company called Grasshopper LLC in 2006, which runs a well-known rehab clinic. That brings us back to modern times, because now there’s a lawsuit involving fecal matter between Bosworth and Grasshopper. I’ll let TMZ take us home…

Things didn’t go so well between Boz and Grasshopper — which claims the property’s septic tank went to s*** between 2008-2009 … and GH was forced to sink over $50,000 of its own money into fixing the problem.

In addition to its septic tank money, GH is also suing for a huge chunk of rent it claims it wasted while the septic system was busted — $150,000. GH claims it lost the use of several rooms due to the poo SNAFU.

Big props to anyone who had April 16th, 2012 as the day that Bosworth’s life officially completed its logical path from highly-hype linebacker and All-American to legal battles over poop.

Thanks, Nick Eaton