To some, the following news may be of little importance. To most, it’s kind of a big deal.

You see, to be a successful television product the NFL draft needs drama, theatrics, and most importantly, suspense. That last crucial element is entirely destroyed when television cameras routinely show the upcoming pick sitting in the green room and talking on the phone with his new coach.

He’s also usually crying because he knows his team, and we’re disappointed because we know his team too. The urge to show the prospects in the green room is understandable. It’s an emotional, life-changing moment, the kind of moment that TV producers can’t resist. They start with a low camera angle, and zoom in for a nice tight frame before panning back out, and catching the tears of joy and the embrace with loved ones.

But as fans, we don’t need poetry. We need excitement, so thankfully the practice of green room artistry will end this year during the first round.

Although the networks may enjoy their artwork, there was never any benefit to the cameras lurking in the green room as another phone rang. At best it was annoying, and at worst it was a useless and deflating suspense vacuum.

Deitsch also tweeted that ESPN will air just one commercial during the opening hour of the draft next Thursday (between 8 and 9 p.m. ET). We can only assume that it will be heavily laced with sexual innuendo, and it’ll prominently feature a man in a sauna wearing only a towel…