It’s coming folks. We’re now a week away from the NFL Draft, and with that comes the annual onslaught of posturing and hyperbole. It’s great. So come with us, and let’s drown in rumors together every day.

This morning Adam Schefter reported that the Colts have told Andrew Luck they will take him with the first pick in the draft. Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III is signing helmets for the Redskins, so the intrigue at the top of the draft is gone…or is it? (Insert maniacal laugh here)

It was widely believed USC OT Matt Kalil would be the third name called after Luck and RG3, and the Vikings could certainly use a franchise tackle. Frankly they could use several impact players. Minnesota has become an also-ran in a division featuring three teams with marquee quarterbacks and game-changing defenses.

Christian Ponder needs help, even if getting him a tackle only functions as a move to accurately gauge his ability to be the guy in Minnesota. If the Vikings pass on a potential franchise bookend, their pick has to be a sure thing for an organization in a tenuous situation on and off the field.

They’ll have some options. From ProFootballTalk:

So if the Vikings pass on Kalil, who would they take? ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Vikings like the idea of acquiring Blackmon as a weapon for quarterback Christian Ponder, and they also like the idea of acquiring Claiborne with the knowledge that they’re going to need a cornerback who can cover Detroit’s Calvin Johnson, Green Bay’s Greg Jennings and Chicago’s Brandon Marshall twice a season each.

Claiborne and Kalil both make sense for a team without a shutdown corner or a franchise left tackle. If the Vikings roll the dice on Blackmon that early I’ll be shocked.

GM Chris Speilman has a huge decision to make, or maybe he’s made his choice already, and like the rest of NFL executive’s this time of year he’s just messing with us.

One more week. One god forsaken week.

Hold on, here comes more smoke…

  • 19 scouts were asked to rank Luck and RG3. Luck was chosen over Griffin in a unanimous decision. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
  • The Steelers, like many teams, have their eye on combine superstar Dontari Poe. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • Steven Jackson is willing to mentor Alabama RB Trent Richardson. I’m guessing the Rams don’t really care what Jackson is willing or not willing to do. Gotta love those non-guaranteed contracts. []
  • In other ‘please don’t take my job, Trent Richardson’ news, Tampa Bay RB LeGarrette Blount is back tracking from  previous comments that indicated he wouldn’t be happy if Richardson became a Buc. []
  • Clark Judge believes Colt McCoy needs some talent around him before we completely write him off as a starter in the NFL. Richardson and Kendall Wright would be a nice start. [CBS Sports]
  • After spending some time with Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson, Todd McShay thinks he could be an exception to the unwritten ‘short quarterbacks can’t perform well’ rule in the NFL. [Twitter]
  • Tony Pauline blames the negative vibes surrounding the North Carolina football program for Quinton Coples’ lackluster senior year. [The Palm Beach Post]
  • Pauline’s sources tell him that the 49ers are deciding between the highest-rated offensive guard left on the board and WR Stephen Hill with their first-round pick. [Draft Insider]
  • Melvin Ingram is Russ Lande’s seventh best prospect in the draft. [Sporting News]
  • Janoris Jenkins says NFL teams expect him to be a ‘thuggish kid’, and vows that whoever picks him will get a good person. Prove em wrong, Janoris. []