Terrell Owens has never been able to hear enough of Terrell Owens. He enjoys hearing himself, seeing himself, and most of all, watching other people as they watch himself. That last part sounds like some sort of existential sorcery, but we imagine that Owens loves himself so much that he pretends he’s another person in the room, watching himself.

I just used the word “himself” five times in three sentences. Owens laughs at that accomplishment.

Owens’ obsession with himself (seven!) isn’t a new discovery. But what’s different about his latest project is that usually when Owens wants to sell himself, it’s in a positive light. We’ve seen this during his TV show with Chad Ochocinco, and years ago with his ability to execute a flawless driveway push-up. Although there were often consequences for his actions and his selfish nature, the motivation was always to sell himself as a superior wide receiver.

Now he’s openly inviting self-pity, and the scorn of a woman. In fact, multiple women, including Dr. Phil.

That’s right, brace yourselves for Owens’ appearance on Dr. Phil with almost all of his baby mammas. Tell us more, Larry Brown Sports:

The episode, which we’re told will air on May 1, will allow the receiver to discuss several matters with the mothers of his children. We’re also told three of the four mothers will appear on the show.

A separate report says one of the mothers claims Owens has only seen his child 12 times. We were unable to verify any specifics concerning the show.

The disagreements between Owens and the mothers of his four children mostly center around money, and the lack thereof from Owens’ end.

Owens has missed several child support payments over the past year, but all of those bills were missed intentionally as a form of protest. Like any man who has been robbed of both his dignity and a sizable chunk of his bank account, Owens wasn’t happy with the amount of support he was paying, and thought it should be decreased to reflect his shrinking salary since he’s no longer bringing in an NFL paycheck. He was eventually successful and the payments were reduced.

Just when you thought Owens had run out of ways to wildly embarrass himself, he gets creative again. Getcha popcorn ready.