It’s late April, a time when NFL players are beginning their offseason training activities. This offseason is especially important for Jake Locker’s career as he hopes to fight off veteran Matt Hasselbeck to enter the season as the Titans’ starting quarterback. He was drafted early in the first round a year ago, and then used solely in mop up or injury duty.

Although meaningful football is still just less than five months away, getting off to a strong start is crucial for Locker. So far during Day 1 of the Titans’ OTAs we’ve already learned about a vital weapon in Locker’s offseason training arsenal: facial foliage.

Sept. 11, 2011 - April 23, 2012

We’re not sure exactly when Locker started the gradual fertilization process required for this medium-sized growth. But given his baby-faced look last fall with minimal stubble, we’re going to generously estimate that his current gentle brush that’s well on its way to the late-season Ryan Fitzpatrick look took him a full eight months to develop.

Don’t tell him that his look is dated, and horribly out of season. He’ll then become angry, and somehow Locker’s short fuse will end up in Robert Griffin III’s pre-draft report.

Thanks for the the latest in NFL facial hair growth, Jim Wyatt