I remember the day well.

It was the early morning hours of Sept. 6, 2010, but in my world it was still Sept. 5, for sleep had not yet arrived. Work of some kind was taking place in my living room, because at the time in my capacity here at theScore.com I had to concern myself with other sports. I was probably watching the final innings of a Pirates-Dodgers game, and contemplating why I was watching a Pirates-Dodgers game. This was the most important thought in my life.

That changed quickly, because sometime shortly after Sept. 5 turned into Sept. 6, the summer of Revis ended, and his 36-day contract holdout finally came to its conclusion. Revis was signed to a four-year deal worth $46 million, with $32.5 million guaranteed. Jets fans rejoiced and so did Revis, and all was well again in the land of god damn snacks.

Now just 19 months later, it’s time to commence the Revis contract talk again.

That contract signed in those optimistic times in early September of 2010 was a band-aid deal. At the time Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum called it an “intermediate” contract, and at $46 million it’s one massive, industrial-sized band-aid. But what made the deal a temporary fix to get Revis into training camp and back with the team during a year that ended one win short of a trip to the Super Bowl was the amount of money in the first two years.

Revis was seeking the same yearly average paid to Nnamdi Asomugha ($16.25 million), who was the league’s highest-paid cornerback. He was given that average over the first two years, but only through a front-end loaded deal that drops off to pay him $7.5 million in 2012, and $6 million in 2013.

His 2012 pay is a paltry sum for one of the game’s few true shutdown corners. Asomugha was the measuring stick for Revis’ deal, and he’ll make $15 million next year, even though Revis is four years younger. So it’s easy to see why some turmoil is potentially looming again this summer on the Revis front, and when he spoke to the media yesterday at a charity event, Revis didn’t confirm or deny his intention to hold out if a new contract isn’t negotiated prior to training camp.

From the Newark Star-Ledger:

“I just don’t know. I’m not saying I am going to hold out; I’m not saying I’m not going to hold out,” Revis said. “Right now my focus is just being on the team. … I’m getting ready for the 2012-13 season, that’s all I can do.”

This is how it starts, with polite, cryptic messages. Just less than two years ago a holdout that lasted over a month was the result of the Jets promising to make Revis the highest-paid player at his position. When a promise like that is made, leverage is immediately erased.

Now Revis remembers the word “intermediate,” and rightly believes that the time Tannenbaum bought on that Sept. 6 morning is now up. In a passing era that’s setting historic precedents, it’s once again time for the Jets to pay their most important defensive player.

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