Matt Kalil will be the Vikings' pick at No. 3. Book it.

It’s coming folks. We’re now ONE DAY away from the NFL Draft, and with that comes the annual onslaught of posturing and hyperbole. It’s great. So come with us, and let’s drown in rumors together every day.

Last night I played poker with Jeff Ireland and Rick Spielman in a seedy casino off the strip in Atlantic City. We couldn’t afford to go to Las Vegas, in case you were wondering. I ended up doing quite well, though I can’t take all the credit.

Ireland brought an older man with him who proceeded to tell him when and when not to bet. This included a disastrous hand that featured Ireland pleading with his ‘friend’ to let him fold – the man in the Michigan Wolverines ball cap did not capitulate.

Spielman’s behavior was even stranger. After a few hands of posturing,  RS (I call him that now) began to tell me what his cards were. Straight up. After Ireland was dragged by his ear from the table, Spielman and I had a one off for all the chips. I had a straight. A good hand, but was it good enough? I didn’t need to think long, RS told me he had three eights. We left the casino shortly after, RS needed to look for houses in LA in the morning.

So maybe not all of that was true, but it felt like it could happen, tomorrow even! The season of smoke is nearly over. Tomorrow we find out who was being coy and who was blatantly trolling. Rick Spielman says the trade market is heating up:

Minnesota Star Tribune:

Just two days before the NFL Draft begins, general manager Rick Spielman stayed on message Tuesday during a press conference at Winter Park. Spielman’s main talking points reiterated what we’ve known all along. The Vikings are far from attached to their No. 3 pick, more than willing to discuss trade offers from any and all interested teams. And curiosity around the league, Spielman reports, is percolating.“That front has really heated up over the last 24 hours,” he said. “And I’m sure it will continue to heat up as we head for Thursday night.”

It would be foolish to believe anything these guys say now. “The Dolphins won’t reach for Tannehill. The Vikings aren’t fond of Matt Kalil.” Outside of Andrew Luck heading to Indianapolis and RG3 going to Washington, those are two picks that will definitely happen tomorrow night.

Ireland has almost zero job security. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is making that pick and it will be Tannehill. The Vikings will take Kalil to preserve Christian Ponder’s precious 12th overall bones and muscle tissue.

I’m putting my name on it. These two things will happen tomorrow night. I have my sources, and they’re all terrible bluffers.

Hold on, here comes more smoke…

  • Jaguars player personnel director Terry McDonough says people in the league know Miami will take Ryan Tannehill. I wonder if the team that picks in front of Miami is interested in dealing their pick? Terry is trolling hard. []
  • The Dolphins are trying to downplay the role Tannehill’s former college coach, Mike Sherman, has had in the evaluation process. Translation: We will be distraught  if someone moves up ahead of us. [Miami Herald]
  • Adam Schefter reports that Ross really, really wants Tannehill. Does anyone have any poison I could borrow? [PFT]
  • Buddy Nix indicates the Bills really need a left tackle once again. Third bold prediction for tomorrow: The Bills do not take one at No. 10. [FAN590]
  • Schefter, the arbiter of truth, also says league chatter indicates the Bills are strongly considering Mark Barron. The Bills have drafted an incredibly high amount of SEC players during the Nix era, so this would not be all that surprising. [Twitter]
  • Jason La Canfora is hearing some teams want to trade up to No. 5 and draft DT Fletcher Cox ahead of St.Louis. [Twitter]
  • Stephen Hill is on the Ravens’ radar. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Charlie Casserly has South Carolina DE Melvin Ingram sliding to No. 18 on draft day. []
  • The Panthers are showing interest in DE Quinton Coples. The North Carolina product going coming off the board at No. 9 seems a little high. [Charlotte Observer]
  • According to Jim Thomas, the Rams like Justin Blackmon more than Michael Floyd. [St.Louis Post-Dispatch]