The timing is a coincidence, but only if you’re gullible enough to believe every word uttered by anyone who makes important decisions.

The day Peyton Manning was released by the Colts, a banner showing the quarterback in his standard gesturing, fake audible pose that hung from Lucas Oil Stadium was replaced by another banner with the same image, but this time the words “thank you Peyton” stretched across. It was a fitting tribute for an Indianapolis sports legend following a decision that dominated conversations in Indy for months, and nearly hijacked Super Bowl week.

For the final sign that a new era is coming, that banner was removed earlier this afternoon, just over 24 hours before Andrew Luck will officially become the Colts’ new quarterback. A team official said the banner was removed today because a crane became available.

We’ll let them get away with that. Creativity for thoughtful excuses is no doubt running low after an emotionally draining few months.

Pic via the Indianapolis Star