An hour before the draft we had our first trade, and the Browns have moved up one spot in the first round to secure Trent Richardson. They now occupy the Vikings’ former perch at No. 3, with Minnesota moving down to No. 4, and picks in the fourth, fifth, and seventh rounds also going to the Vikes.

For the Browns the trade is a matter of security. The Vikings’ pick was a hot spot for activity, with the Bucs–who are currently on the clock at fifth overall–threatening to jump ahead and take Richardson to at first complement and then replace later LeGarrette Blount.

But the most intriguing aspect of this trade may be the impact on Matt Kalil, who was the assumed pick for Minnesota had they stayed at No. 3. And he may still be the Vikings’ property one spot later, but it’s been widely rumored that they’re enamored with LSU cornerback Morris Caliborne, and so they should be.

Teams beyond the Browns in the top 10 have greater needs elsewhere, so the dominoes could be in place for Kalil’s mini tumble. So yes, we’re saying there’s a chance, Bills fans.

UPDATE: Kalil still went to Minnesota. As you were…