It is finally here ladies and gentlemen, no lie. Months of speculation will culminate in the annual smorgasbord that is the NFL draft. There are things we know will happen – Luck and RG3 off the board quick, Jets fans booing their pick- and things we don’t know – will the Vikings trade their pick, who will the Browns take at four.

The most intriguing rumor circulating the NFL involves Trent Richardson and the New York Jets. GLS Editor Sean Tomlinson justifiably threw some cold water on the speculation. The Jets will have to pay an incredible bounty (too soon?) to move up high enough to get the Alabama Running Back.

The New York Daily News’ Manish Mehta on the price:

“It’s ridiculous,” the source said of the price tag to move up. In other words, unless Richardson unexpectedly slides, the Jets likely won’t get him. Tannenbaum and Co. believe as many as nine running backs who could make immediate contributions will be available in the first five rounds, so trading away multiple picks for Richardson probably won’t happen.

The price may be ridiculous, but too many things make sense.

The Jets have contacted Trent Richardson in order to get his contact information in case they chose him. Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano share the same agent as Richardson. Tim Tebow was brought in to run the wildcat offense championed by Sparano in Miami – Richardson compliments the scheme well. Shonn Greene is not a featured running back in the NFL.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the window for a Jets championship is closing awfully fast. Should Mike Tannenbaum and Ryan be wary of trading future picks they won’t be able to make? The teams that brought Ryan & Co. to consecutive AFC Championship games fielded excellent defenses and smash mouth running attacks. Why not go back to their roots?

The Giants have a firm grasp on New York. If last year’s HBO Hard Knocks series told us anything it’s that the Jets love attention. Trading up for the arguably the third best player in the draft fits the bill.

Would Jets fans boo that?

Hold on, here comes more smoke…

  • Steve Wyche reports Morris Claiborne is number one on the Vikings draft board. []
  • The Dolphins have spoken with at least three teams about moving back. [Miami Herald]
  • Adam Schefter says the Jaguars trade up target is WR Justin Blackmon. [Rotoworld]
  • According to John Clayton, the Lions are interested in trading up for Mark Barron. Other reports indicate they’re interesting in Stephon Gilmore. [MLive]
  • The Chargers are also trying to move up to the 8-10 range in order to secure Barron. [Twitter]
  • The Bills have a ‘legitimate’ shot to move up and select Matt Kalil. [Buffalo News]
  • The Patriots are interested in moving up to 12. The team denies the report. They always do. []
  • There is a ‘good chance’ the Cowboys will take Michael Brockers. [ESPN Dallas]
  • The Vikings really, really want to trade the third pick. [PFT]
  • Adam Schefter says Jacksonville, Buffalo, Philadelphia, San Diego, New England and Green Bay would all like to trade up for the right player. [Twitter]
  • Conversely, Schefter says teams open to trading back for the right offer include Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Miami, Seattle, Dallas, NY Jets and Detroit. [Twitter]
  • The Browns could try to acquire a third first round pick in order to select QB Brandon Weeden. []