Blaine Gabbert needs to trust his arm, and trust his ability. But before he can do that, he needs someone to trust on the other end of his throws. It’s always about a circle of trust for QBs, and giving a young quarterback the opportunity to develop a relationship with an equally young receiver can lead to lasting chemistry.

That’s the hope, at least, and it’ll now be the foundation for Jacksonville’s turnaround under a new head coach and a new owner. The Jags committed to the strategy of forming a dynamic and youthful wide receiver-quarterback tandem when they made the leap, and pulled the trigger on the draft’s second trade in just the first five picks, securing the right to draft Justin Blackmon.

The Jaguars’ moved up two spots to No. 5 overall in a trade with Tampa Bay that cost them a fourth-round pick, while the Bucs move back to seventh. It’s a small price to pay to follow a model that worked nearly instantly for Cincinnati last year, as Andy Dalton paired with A.J. Green, and the two clicked immediately to led Cincy to a playoff appearance, and restored respect to the franchise.