I’m pretty sure I’m breathing. I feel the air moving in and out, and I haven’t fainted yet.

Over the first seven picks of the draft, seven teams were involved in a trade, and that’s excluding Washington’s deal to land Robert Griffin III. That’s why oxygen is at a premium as we blaze through the first round with no regard for human life, and the largest jump was made by one of the NFL’s largest men.

Figuratively, of course, because Jerry Jones is quite slender for an elderly man. Jumping eight spots from their former perch at No. 14, the Cowboys swapped with the Rams. With multiple needs, St. Louis was eager to move back and take Dallas’ second-round pick, and the key to their draft will now lie with Day 2. A franchise with a new head coach will now be on the clock three times in the first 13 picks tomorrow night.

The Cowboys made their leap to take Morris Claiborne, the best cornerback in this year’s draft. He’ll form a formidable tandem with Brandon Carr, who was signed as a free agent, and together they’ll immediately upgrade a secondary that was burned frequently, and gave up 57 passes of 20 yards or more in 2011.

With the rookie salary cap in place, making a sizable jump forward isn’t nearly as costly, so teams are far more eager to trade when the opportunity arises to address a need for a manageable cost.

My fingers hurt.