It’s as if EA Sports is using the pre-draft hype as some kind of marketing ploy for their product in a truly savvy and innovative approach. Take note, future Don Drapers. It gets much easier than talking about a carousel, an itch, and a sense of nostalgia, or something.

After announcing Calvin Johnson as the NFL player who’s won the right to be cursed by evil demons who rise from the depths of hell, EA Sports released the first trailer for Madden 2013. Players now get blurry on your TV screen, there are new pass trajectories, and, best of all, virtual Phil Simms is eager to say something that makes no sense.

This technology stuff is making these video game gimmicks seem just like real life. I remember a time way back in my day when we led a dolphin on his quest to save the world. Now bros are beating Super Mario in five minutes.

I’m aging horribly.

Thanks, Sports Grid