The Dallas Cowboys had a need in their secondary last night. Once it became clear that Morris Claiborne would fall out of the top five, they pounced on the opportunity to snag the draft’s best cornerback, and pair him with Brandon Carr, who was signed during free agency.

Jerry Jones thought so highly of Morris Claiborne that he gave up Dallas’ second-round pick in a trade with St. Louis, moving up eight spots. Audio from Jones’ call to inform Claiborne of the selection surfaced this afternoon, and it provides a rare glimpse showing the immense emotion that flows when a prospect receives the draft day phone call that’s every players’ dream.

Claiborne’s mother evidently isn’t a Cowboys fan, and prior to the draft she joked that her son can go anywhere “as long as he doesn’t go to Dallas.”

It probably took her about two seconds to join Cowboys nation after that phone rang.