Until last night, Colt McCoy could be proud of his last relevant NFL claim to fame: hottest draft girlfriend/wife. Now some other rookie punk has stolen that title, and an old guy is about to steal is job.

Life just isn’t fair in the NFL when you’re undersized and have a weak, inaccurate arm. And it’s especially a drag when you’re lied to by your employer. The sole duty of the Browns’ front office is to field the best possible football team, and they have no obligation to be loyal to McCoy. But yet they still reportedly told him that they had no intention of drafting a quarterback in the first round. Why tell him anything? To put this in context for the common man, what’s worse: getting fired, or getting fired days after you’ve been given a vote of confidence.

Anywho, Brandon Weeden was drafted with the 22nd overall pick, and a team simply doesn’t draft a quarterback that early without planning to make him the starter soon. In Weeden’s case, soon is now, because while the amount of criticism tossed at the former Oklahoma State quarterback due to his age (he’s 28) has been asinine, his elderly status accelerates his path to becoming a starter.

Under normal circumstances, teams can balance the benefits and drawbacks of starting their first-round pick right away versus letting him sit and learn for a while, possibly even a full season. That was the path taken with Jake Locker and Christian Ponder last year, and Ryan Tannehill could receive the same treatment for a handful of games this fall.

But not Weeden, because he’s an old man. That means McCoy is out, and the trade talk has already grown to the point that it’ll be a mild surprise if he’s still with the Browns by the end of the draft tomorrow night. There’s a problem, though: the calendar. In late April, teams have found their backup quarterbacks, and those who still aren’t signed probably won’t be signed, ever. Please retire, Donovan McNabb.

There’s really only one needy buyer, and thankfully for Browns GM Paul Heckert, the Green Bay Packers are interested.

From Bill Huber:

The Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns are considering a deal for quarterback Colt McCoy, a source told Packer Report.

The Browns used a first-round pick on Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden on Thursday, making McCoy expendable. The Packers, who need a backup after losing Matt Flynn in free agency to Seattle, have a sixth-round pick and four seventh-round selections to use as bait.

Let’s be abundantly clear on one obvious fact: if Aaron Rodgers goes down for a significant length of time, the Packers are screwed. However, if the injury is more minor and short-term, McCoy is a sufficient replacement. His arm strength may be lacking, but there’s more than enough talent among the Packers’ wide receivers and tight ends in Green Bay to adjust for McCoy’s deficiencies, talent that Cleveland didn’t have. Dare I say that he’d be a game manager?

We can argue about McCoy’s talents or the lack thereof in a separate post on a slow July day if you wish, but since he’s started 21 games over the past two years, he has trade value. If the Browns don’t capitalize on that value, they’d be doing something that’s very Brown-like by missing an opportunity to move an asset before it depreciates rapidly.