Fellas, the battle with your significant other to justify sitting in front of a TV for upwards of 12 hours all Sunday every Sunday is a fall rite of passage. For me, it’s easy (“hey, I’m working” annnnd boom), but for the many others out there who are less fortunate, the fight isn’t quite that simple.

Creativity and sacrifice are important. For many, the fight for football fun time starts now, with special weekend dates dedicated to banking those Sunday hours of bliss. Have fun at that picnic this weekend, gents.

But Josh Cribbs may have given us a quick fix. The equation is easy: animals are adorable, and helping animals who are in need is a deed done by someone with quality character. Therefore, football players who care for animals are awesome, and football is awesome. Just don’t mention that Vick guy.

So thanks for taking this struggling premature bird under your wing, Josh. You’re doing noble work for birds everywhere, and men.

As Cribbs tells it on his Twitter account, he rushed this bird to the vet because its egg broke, and he’s barely holding on.

Here’s to hoping the little guy makes it. We’ll provide further bird updates as they become available.