Jay Cutler notoriously hates speaking to the media, but we don’t blame him for showing a protruding middle finger to some douchey Paparazzi photo whore while walking his dog.

No, it’s the dog that’s troubling. Look, we’re huge canine lovers here at GLS, Jay, but this is a serious problem. That dog is way too big for you.

You’re clearly struggling to control him, which is why you’re so easily irritated during what should be a pleasant afternoon walk. See how he’s anxiously pulling on the leash, and walking well away from your side? He owns you. I fear this relationship is doomed to fail.

You should have gone with a much smaller breed. For your next dog, we suggest something white and fluffy…

Thanks Chicago City Sports and Doug Farrar, who quite rightly observed that Cutler is hopelessly whipped