With the exception of Tim Tebow, the Jets are Nelson Muntz. All of them.

They are the bully who takes pride in a fine beat down, but deep below the surface there’s a soft, fragile psyche waiting to crack. Until it does, though, they’ll stuff you in a locker or throw you into a trash can, and their instinctive response to, well, anything is laughter and ridicule.

And it’s all good fun and highly entertaining when they’re winning, or having even moderate success. But what they’ve failed to realize is that while talking makes you look like a brutish thug during good times, you’re a clown and an endless punch line when the losses begin to pile, and the locker room turns toxic.

This is why Darrelle Revis should have said nothing, or very little yesterday when the Bill Belichick questions were inevitably fired in his direction after the Jets mini camp practice. Instead he decided to keep it real…in May.

In cause you missed it, Revis was asked about calling Belichick a jerk during a word association game as he was churned through ESPN’s Bristol carousel earlier this offseason. He maintained and expanded on that opinion

“When you say certain comments about the Jets, some stuff is disrespectful. It’s OK to have a rivalry. It’s OK to compete. But when it gets personal, you’re getting disrespectful. I didn’t start this battle. The smart remarks sometimes he says are ignorant. It’s ignorant to this organization.”

Pace yourself, Darrelle. Again, yesterday was May 10, and the Patriots-Jets rivalry doesn’t resume until October 21.

Or maybe he could just say nothing at all, and know his place. The Jets have enough problems within their own chaotic and shattered locker room, and that Tebow guy is ready to unseat their starting quarterback. After the Jets finished at an even 8-8 and had to deal with a case of mutiny from their star wide receiver, perhaps the focus in these early days of offseason rebuilding should be inward.

It’s not possible for any Jets player to give a bland answer to anything, because their head coach enjoys the pleasant cadence of his own voice so thoroughly. But someone should remind Revis about how much that jerk Belichick owned the Jets last year, beating the whiny bullies by a combined score of 67-37.

Belichick shouldn’t be the Jets’ primary problem right now. Instead, the Jets should be the Jets’ primary problem right now.

And now you want to know the rest of the story…

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