On the surface, Buffalo’s annual trip to Toronto last year was their best yet.  Destroying what was left of the Redskins collective psyche while increasing their record to 5-2 made the yearly slog to Rogers Centre tolerable for a change.

What we didn’t know at the time was the damage done to Hahvad graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick’s ribs, as the performance of the Bills quarterback dropped off considerably after that game. In February wide receiver David Nelson said that Fitzpatrick cracked several ribs during that game in Toronto.

Chan Gailey claimed the injury was news to him – bullshitery in its purest form. Cracked ribs and all, Fitzpatrick still provided the best option for Gailey going into the second half of the season. That seems insane until you realize the backup was Tyler Thigpen. Yes, this guy:

If a 16-second clip could ever encapsulate an entire career, that’s the one.

In a move designed to permanently intrench a clipboard in Thigpen’s hand, the Bills signed Vince Young to a one year deal today with a contract that’s laden with incentives.

Bills GM Buddy Nix provided the rationale:

“We think adding Vince to our roster will create more competition for the backup quarterback position,” Bills general manager Buddy Nix said an announcement of the deal. “He brings with him some unique physical abilities that most are aware of and that will make the competition interesting. It’s all about improving our team.”

The move makes sense for both sides. If anyone can give a boost to Young’s once burgeoning career it’s Gailey. His ability to make Kordell Stewart a serviceable quarterback in the NFL should serve as a prime reason why.

As a Bills fan I welcome the addition. Once again, Thigpen sucks.