As you guys may have noticed GLS editor Sean Tomlinson is on vacation this week. I’ve been handed the reigns to this blog and today – in the first step of my totalitarian takeover – I’m introducing a new daily feature.

GLS Retrospective will take a look at some of the most memorable events in NFL history. No, we don’t have the budget of NFL films but i think it’ll be fun. Our first installment features the biggest playoff comeback in NFL history and vintage Chris Berman. What’s not to like?

Some bits and bites:
  • I really, really miss vintage NFL Primetime. Chris Berman was still genuinely excitable, Tom Jackson wasn’t dumbed down by his horrible co-analysts and the music. The music is what i miss the most.
  • Joe Theismann was and still is a terrible analyst/whatever he is doing in this clip. “He’ll shook there, he’ll shake there. Webster. Webster!” Wow indeed, Joe. Wow..
  • Frank Reich was the hero in this game after Jim Kelly was ruled out of the contest because of a knee injury. This wasn’t Reich’s first insane comeback. As the backup quarterback for the University of Maryland,  Reich replaced the injured starter and led the  Terrapins back from a first-half deficit of 31–0 to a 42–40 victory over the unbeaten Miami Hurricanes in 1984.
  • A huge interception in the third quarter by Bills LB Carlton Bailey was called back due to a very weak roughing the passer call on the legendary Bruce Smith. In what may have been the key to the comeback and the ultimate sign karma does in fact exist the Oilers would botch the ensuing Field Goal and give the Bills excellent field position.
  • Andre Reed better make the Hall of Fame soon. Screw Cris Carter.
  • Steve Christie had ice water in his veins. ICE!
  • The talent on the Bills defense in the early 90s still amazes me today. Shane Conlan, Bruce Smith, Darryl Talley, Cornelius Bennett, Henry Jones, CB Nate Odomes….the list goes on.
  • Oilers CB Cris Dishman lets a expletive fly towards to the end of the clip that  summed up Houston’s day perfectly.

Join us tomorrow for our next installment in GLS Retrospective theatre.