I’ve never hit a hole in one. You probably haven’t either. If i did – a hypothetical that will never come to pass – I’d probably get a friend of mine to corroborate my story. The advent of twitter has taken public boasting to a disturbing new level. Who needs a friend to vouch for you when you can tweet out a picture of yourself at the course holding the ball that’s made you a golfing legend? You do, excellent golfer*. Never forget it.

The person* I’m passive aggressively referring to is Jaguars Kicker Josh Scobee. Scoobs – I’m sure his bro’s call him Scoobs – really likes golf. Just look at who he hangs out with:

Based on the intensive research I’ve done it’s fair to say Scoobs is pretty good at the game. He hit his second hole in one this summer. Yea, second. Look how happy he is:

Josh may have to take a break from the links to have a chat with his agent. The Kicker was given the franchise tag but the two sides remain far apart on a long term contract. Today the Jaguars signed journeyman kicker Brandon Coutu.

Not everything is going so smoothly for Mr.Hole-in-one. The universe is evening out.

*Edit: A few commenters have noted Scoobs is a stand up guy. His charitable work is quite impressive.

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  1. I’m sorry, I do not understand why this makes Josh Scobee a “douchebag.” I have always understood bloggers were the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to journalism, and this article confirms it. I say this not because I disagree with the article, but you used the word “douchebag” to describe a person you do not like within your writing. I can tell you are a very immature writer and possibly 15 years old. Maybe you should grow up and do some research on how much of a “douchebag” Scobee is. I’m sure you think generously serving the community to be a “douchey” trait as well, in that case, Scobee is a “douche.” Scobee is an excellent man. Show some respect.

    • Duly noted, Jim. I did refer to my rant as passive aggressive in its nature due to the fact I was envious of Scoobs’ golfing skills. Take it easy.

  2. Calling someone a d-bag isn’t passive aggressive, it’s disrespectful. Especially since Scobee’s a stand-up guy. Grow up.

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