GLS Retrospective takes a look at some of the most memorable events in NFL history. Today’s installment features Joe Montana and John Candy – Legends of equal importance.

Over the course of his Hall of Fame career Joe Montana had 31(!) fourth quarter comebacks. The most famous of these came during the 1989 Super Bowl. Down by three points with just over three minutes left, Montana & company would have to start at their own eight yard line due to a penalty on the kickoff.

Some bits and bites:

  • The Montana mystique was built by moments like these. In the huddle Montana noticed Canadian actor John Candy standing near an exit ramp in Joe Robbie stadium and pointed him out to his teammates before the drive began. I’m going to assume Donovan McNabb wasn’t as calm and collected during his defining moment.
  • Dick Enberg is an ageless wonder. Football, baseball, tennis – he did it all. He carried himself like commentators should in these high impact moments.
  • Montana had an amazing support cast. Roger Craig, John Taylor and Jerry Rice dominated the Bengals defenseĀ  during this drive.
  • John Taylor used to sell cars in the off-season. The NFL has come a long way.
  • 49ers coach Bill Walsh would join Dick Enberg in the NBC booth the following season.
  • Jerry Rice would take home the MVP honors but a case could easily be made for Montana. He was 9 for 10 on the final drive.
  • An incident in which a police officer shot and killed a black motorcyclist in the Overtown section of Miami led to a riot that almost caused the game to be moved to Tampa Bay. Strangely enough the incident led the NFL to review their hiring polices regarding minorities and the lack of black coaches in the league.
  • The halftime show was absolutely terrible. Thankfully it included this hilarious image of Bob Costas: