GLS Retrospective takes a look at some of the most memorable events in NFL history. Today’s installment features a day that will live in infamy for Bills fans.

After I chose to commemorate the Bills epic 1993 playoff comeback it only felt right to feature an event I can’t forget for all the wrong reasons.

I watched this game in the basement of a friend’s house on a 15 inch TV. I cried for three hours afterwards. In the days leading up to the wild card game between the Bills and Titans – formerly the Oilers, the team Buffalo stunned back in 93 – the buzz surrounded Phillips controversial decision to bench fan favorite Doug Flutie in favor of Rob Johnson.

Some Bits and Bites:

  • To this day I refuse to believe that wasn’t a forward pass. Though the NFL’s video review system had been implemented that season, it was reasonable to expect some mistakes.
  • That said, I assume the prospect of overturning one of the craziest plays in NFL history scared the crap out of referee Phil Luckett.
  • In 2007 the NFL Network brought in a computer analyst to see if the pass did indeed travel forward. The analyst – obviously a Titans fan – stated Luckett made the right call.
  • Never before had a team entering the playoffs benched its healthy starter in favor of the backup. Wade Phillips – a true visionary.
  • Johnson did lead the Bills down the field for the go ahead field goal with 16 seconds remaining. I wonder how his career – along with many others – would’ve altered if the Bills had won that game.
  • The Bills haven’t played in a playoff game since.
  • The Titans would make it to the Super Bowl that year but fell one yard short of the championship. The Wide Receiver who came so agonizingly close to victory? Music City Miracle hero Kevin Dyson.
  • Kicker Al Del Greco was the lone member of the Titans who played in the 1993 comeback game as an Oiler.
  • Doug Flutie was relegated to backup duty the next season. Due to various injuries suffered by Rob ‘Tin Man’ Johnson, Flutie started in five games going 4 -1. Johnson was 4-7. Wade Phillips would be fired after the season.
  • I vaguely remembered Wide Right, but this was my initiation into the club of miserable Bills fans.