The Giants unveiled their Super Bowl ring today and the results are blindingly beautiful. If a regular person were to wear this ring on the streets of any major metropolitan city I would put the over/under on them getting murdered/seriously wounded at five minutes.

The four Lombardi trophies on the ring represent the Giants four Superbowl titles – surprise! The words ‘Finish’ and ‘All in’ are engraved on the insides . These were the inspirational phrases used by the Giants during their title run. Also included  is the final score of Super Bowl XLVI, 21-17

It’s unclear how many blood diamonds were used to create these rings – I’m guessing the number is quite high based on the soulless manufacturer who created them – Tiffany & Co.

In all seriousness they’re nice, but are they wearable? Tell us Eli:

“I kind of wear it on special occasions up to the start of the season, then I put it away,” Manning told CNN on Wednesday. “It’s a big ring. It’s almost hard to wear.”

Don’t underestimate ring fatigue. It’s the third leading cause of failed marriages in North America.

Disclaimer: Tiffany’s is a wonderfully ethical company. Buy from them today! Please..