Remember this:

Taking a leap of faith is a terrible idea.

I used to live in South Korea. After one extremely long night out in Seoul during my first week, I had to find my way back to my apartment. By cab it would be about a 25 minute drive – a vital fact i didn’t know at the time. After chatting with the cab driver  – less of a chat, more of a wildly intense game of charades- we set off on our short journey. I took a leap of faith and decided to take a quick nap. As I groggily stumbled out of the cab it quickly became clear I was no where near my apartment. We had drove for two hours. I was lost. As I a quietly sobbed in the parking lot of a convenience store I made a vow to myself: never take a leap of faith again.

On Tuesday, Wes Welker took an ill fated leap of faith and signed his franchise tender. He was being a good soldier. Welker sacrificed any leverage he may have had because that’s who he is.

Today, the Boston Herald reports the contract talks between the Pats and Welker have gotten worse. The current offer on the table is worse than the two year, $16 million guaranteed offered by the Pats during the 2011 regular season.

When explaining why he opted against staging a holdout, Welker referenced the fabled ‘Patriots way’:

I think those techniques work better with other teams. I think the best thing you can do, as far as the Patriots, is be there and let them make the decision if they want to do something longterm or not,” said Welker, who indicated he planned on being at OTAs late next week. “Obviously, I want to be there. I want to help the team win. I want a championship and all those things. I’m trying to do everything to make that happen, and I’ll let everything else take care of itself.”

Emphasis mine.

The Pats gave Brandon Llyod a three year, $12 million dollar contract this spring. Chad Ochocinco’s contract also runs three years but the odds of him being on the opening day roster are slim. The Patriots do not give Wide Receiver’s long term, big money deals. Tom Brady made Jabar Gaffney, David Patten and Reche Caldwell useful players. He can do it again.

It’s nice to see a player opt against a petulant hold out – so kudos to Wes for that. However, his time in New England is running out.