Brett Favre’s departure from Green Bay wasn’t pretty. The constant flip flopping between retirement and non-retirement became aggravating in a matter of hours. As Wisconsinites hucked their cheeses and draft beer at the Mississippi native on his way out of town it was hard to imagine a day when he would be welcomed back and honored for his exploits in Green Bay.

The fact that he went chose to play for the hated Vikings made a bad situation even worse:

Well -cliche alert- time heals all wounds.Yesterday Packers President Mark Murphy indicated the team plans to retire Favre’s number “in a year or two, when it is meaningful to Favre.” I believe that’s code for: when we for sure know that dude isn’t going to play again.

It’s a classy move from an organization that usually gets it right. Favre was basically pushed out the door when it was clear Aaron Rodgers was ready to take over. Many of us have been in that situation – whether at work or in relationships (what is this salty discharge coming from my eyes..).

The Packer faithful loved him when he was their three time MVP and Super Bowl champion. They’ll love him again soon enough.

And now you want to know the rest of the story…

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