We’ll also see a rainbow, and at the end there will be gold, dancing little green men, and crab people. Yes, crab people.

During his press conference today at the NFL owners meetings in Atlanta, commissioner Roger Goodell was inevitably asked about the Saints bounty allegations on the same day that Scott Fujita vehemently denied any involvement whatsoever (again). And, also quite inevitably, many of the answers he gave were exactly the kind of answers you, me, and everyone else who gags whenever they hear the term “bountygate” expected.

For example, after being asked when the appeals from the four Saints players would proceed, Goodell replied that they wouldn’t go forward until the grievances are resolved. The next grievance will be heard on May 30.

He was also predictably asked about any vendetta he has against the fine people of New Orleans. His reply was that he has nothing against a city where women reveal themselves for the small price of a few beads. Well, he didn’t say that. We did. His reasoning was that he “doesn’t expect all will agree, especially when it comes to discipline.” That point has been obvious for a few months now, but fair enough.

There was one revealing moment though.

“Yes I do,” was his simple response when asked if he thinks the public will see the specific evidence against the Saints someday, after noting that the four players were advised by their union not to meet with the league during the bounty investigation. But as James Varney of the New Orleans Times-Picayune noted, Goodell’s comments indicated that he’ll continue to play hardball with the evidence due to “challenges,” and those challenges are of course the grievances. Translation: we almost surely won’t see any evidence until the grievances are resolved.

So the nauseating circle of nothingness with little information will continue. Eventually we’ll step off this carnival ride, but for now Goodell is still at the controls, and he has the suck knob cranked to 10.