GLS Retrospective takes a look at some of the most memorable events in NFL history. Today’s installment features the day Matt Hasselbeck made an ass out of himself.

Admit it. Schadenfreude keeps us going – I use ‘us’ because it helps lessen the guilt I feel when openly rooting for others to fail.

My most vivid sports memories are firmly intrenched by their enemy spiting greatness. They include: Lebron, Wade and Bosh losing to Dallas, Brett Hull’s ‘No Goal’, Kevin Dyson coming up one yard short in the Superbowl, and finally, Matt Hasselbeck’s ill-fated overtime proclamation.

“We want the ball and we’re gonna score” still gives me chills…

Some bits and bites:

  • Matt was having the time of his life during the coin toss. That boyish grin as he called heads was both endearing and disturbing. You can’t teach that.
  • Joe Buck and the posse love H-bex’s moxie. I wonder what would’ve happened if one of the ‘NFL’s thugs’ had made such a claim.
  • At the 10:44 mark of OT it’s pretty clear Brett Favre is trying to recall the name of the team physiotherapist.
  • This game was a watershed moment for Hasselbeck. His first playoff game came against his former team – that’s pretty huge.
  • The Packers traded Hasselbeck, their first (17th overall) and seventh-round draft picks to the Seahawks for their first (10th overall) and third-round draft picks in 2001.
  • Mike Holmgren really rocked the Walrus look well. Fantastic.
  • The Seahawks did well to pick up the Packers blitz, but H-bex was clearly rattled. He went with his first read – Alex Bannister. Al Harris jumped button hooks for breakfast back in those days.
  • The dread theory is a simple one. NFL players with dreads–as a group –perform at a higher level than their non-dreaded peers. Harris was in the upper echelon of the dreaded elite.
  • In hindsight, Favre running around the field like he had ANY ROLE in the victory killed my schadenfreude moment. At 3:44 he desperately tries to get into the celebration circle to no avail. That was great.
  • In the end I felt quite bad for Seattle’s quarterback. Good on Ryan Longwell for giving H-bex the love he needed.

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  1. Hasselback will always be “Hasselsucks” to everyone in my fantasy league after he once killed a perfect season for me by somehow scoring fewer points than Kurt Warner… who was on a bye week.

    This was just the crowning moment in my unjustified hatred of the guy.

  2. I have been a die hard Packers fan since a child and this will forever be my favorite moment in Packers history. I went absolutely ballistic during this.

    Close 2nd? When Nate Poole caught that ball at the bak of the endzone for the Cards week 17 to eliminate the Vikings and put the pack in the playoffs, with one of the biggest meltdowns in radio. Paul Allen.

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