During the offseason we’re often reminded that football players are large humans, so playing other sports is difficult, and usually comical.

Specifically, it seems the NFL elite struggle with sports that require the swinging of a club or bat to hit a circular object. Last April we thought Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald set the new standard for non-football sports failure when he whiffed on about 26 batting practice tosses prior to a Diamondbacks game.

Meet Trent Williams. He’s large, and so is his golf swing.

Earlier this month Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo held his annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Golf Classic, and as you can see in the video below posted yesterday by the D.C. Sports Bog, the expected awfulness ensued among Orakpo’s teammates. But the highlight comes at the end when Williams, a 6’5″ offensive tackle who weighs 318 pounds, stepped into the tee blocks.

With that spin and dive, there could still be time for Williams to qualify for the Olympics this summer and lead the American men’s diving team.

Thanks, Sportress of Blogitude