GLS Retrospective takes a look at some of the most memorable events in NFL history. Today’s installment features the day Kevin Dyson wished he had longer arms. 

The Scene: Georgia Dome, Atlanta. Ice storms ravaged the city for two days causing havoc on the roads. Many Atlantans believe the NFL has refused to bring the Super Bowl back to Georgia because of the atrocious weather that week.

How they got there: The Titans – they of ‘Music City Miracle‘ fame – defeated the Bills, Colts, and Jaguars to get to Super Bowl XXXIV. There they would face Hy-Vee grocery store employee of the month Kurt Warner and the Rams, then known as the Greatest Show on Turf. St. Louis defeated the Vikings – Quarterbacked by Jeff George(!) – and Buccaneers on their way to the big game.

Extras: The television broadcast  featured advertisements from internet companies nobody had ever heard of. Ahh the bubble – heady times. The Half Time show produced by the jackals at Disney was insufferable – even for them.

Your feature presentation…

Some bits and bites:
  • Watching Steve McNair during his prime reminds you of how damn good he was. McNair set the Super Bowl record for rushing yards in this game. The image of his wife in the stands, almost too nervous to watch, is incredibly sad and eerie.
  • How many games has the prevent defense cost teams? If the Rams send any sort of pressure it’s likely the Titans don’t get close enough to take a final stab at the endzone. In recent years this tactic has decreased, but the poison remains. Warn your loved ones.
  • Dick Vermeil reacts to a potentially devastating offside penalty on Kevin Carter with a series of hilarious facial expressions that end with a smile. World class.
  • In today’s NFL Eddie George would’ve been murdered at the :22 mark. Absolutely murdered. Experts believe the fabled ‘respect’ gene went extinct in 2002.
  • McNair pulled the somehow-not-get-sacked-and-make-an-incredible-play when Eli Manning was still eating puddin’ cups at the kids table. Remember when Boomer Esiason said Jeff Fisher should’ve used his last timeout with :31 ticks left? Game over right there if they did.
  • Al Michaels was on point the whole night, but he saved the best for last.
  • What a way to lose the Super Bowl. HAHA EAT IT KEVIN DYSON – a Bills fan with anger issues.
  • It’s unfortunate Mike Jones isn’t the most famous Mike Jones. What an incredible tackle with no help over the top. Actually it’s extremely unfortunate this Mike Jones is famous at all.
  • NFL films had Vermeil mic’d up as the final play went down: “Didn’t make it, Didn’t make it, no, no, that’s it, we won it, wooohooo! That’s the game, it’s over, it’s over, we’re world champions!” Woohoo indeed, Dick.
  • Mike Jones would leave the Rams after that game and retire from the NFL two years later. He was listed at #10 on the NFL Network’s ‘top ten one-hit wonders’ show. What a hit it was.