When he’s not chillin’ in Mexico with bikini-clad women while wearing a shirt with a rather creative design for the American flag, Chad Ochocinco is sharing his good fortune with those who live vicariously through him on the Internet.

You see, the Patriots wide receiver is a charitable man in many ways. The first is literal, because he’s using his latest Twitter gimmick to raise funds for Feed The Children, a worthy and noble cause, and one of Ocho’s favorite organizations.

He plans to donate a significant amount of money. But how will he raise those funds? Through a raffle of his custom-made Lamborghini that’ll be done on Twitter, of course.

From OCNN:

Details are still emerging but here is what we know so far. A portion of the proceeds will go to Feed The Children, a charitable organization that Chad has worked with many times. As of when this raffle will take place along with the full details, all Chad would tell us when we visited with him is “very soon”.

The Ochocinco News Network has some pretty shoddy sources if it can’t get the full details on news related to Ochocinco, but we digress.

The car (pictured above) matches Ocho’s personality: eccentric, bright, and mostly impracticable. But if you’re into owning self-confidence building status symbols, buy up a roll of tickets whenever the selling of said tickets begins.

As always, we’re at your mercy for those details, Ocho.

Pic via Hotcarstv.com