Well, he didn’t personally sell the jerseys. This isn’t like girl scouts, and players don’t go door-to-door selling personal merchandise. As cool as that would be, we can see how giving football players access to your homes could cause problems (“no Tim, I won’t give up drinking, but here’s my daughter”).

What we mean, of course, is that with just two days left in the month, Robert Griffin III’s jersey has been kind of popular. The NFL Shop released its figures Tuesday, and RG3 did more than just lead all rookies. He leads everyone.

It’s mildly surprising that Griffin’s jersey is the most popular in the league after the draft. Given the hype around Andrew Luck as the next coming of Peyton Manning and/or Jesus (sorry, Tim), he should have put up a much stiffer fight, yet the great neck-bearded one finished in a distance fourth.

It gets better for Griffin too.

From the D.C. Sports Bog:

The league also released its NFLShop.com sales figures from April 1-May 28 on Tuesday, and even though rookie jerseys didn’t go on sale until April 26, Griffin still ranks third in that span, behind just Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, and not even a little bit. There may be equal doses of pressure and promise surrounding Luck, but there isn’t much immediate optimism for wins in Indianapolis. That’s been reflected in the Colts’ lackluster season-ticket sales so far this offseason, a sign that accepting a post-Manning life is still a struggle, and an ongoing grieving process for football fans in Indy.

Colts fans know what it’s like to have a franchise arm to salivate over. The problem is that many of them still want the old, familiar arm, and it’s attached to a body that’s now attempting to win games in Denver. Moving on is always the hardest part.

Conversely, the Redskins haven’t had a franchise arm or anything that even remotely resembles one since, um, Mark Rypien? If I had to sit through the likes of Donovan McNabb, Jason Campbell, Patrick Ramsey and (gulp) Danny Wuerffel, I’d buy at least 18 RG3 jerseys too.