There’s very little in this life that Rob Gronkowski can’t do. He can rock Zubaz pants like a champ while riding a scooter. He’s willing to take his shirt off in any public setting, and he’d like to take Tim Tebow’s virginity. He’s a true renaissance man.

But nothing about the Gronk says minor leagues, especially when/if he’s making Jim Kelly cry. That’s major league.

The 25th annual Triple A baseball all-star game will be held on the homefield of the Buffalo Bisons this year, and since he’s from Amherst, New York, Gronkowski has the misfortune of being a Buffalo celebrity. That makes him eligible to hit dingers in a celebrity home run contest to be held on July 9, two days prior to the all-star game. The celebrity diamond death matchup will also feature Kelly, Fred Jackson, Bills chief executive officer Russ Brandon, and writer/actor/sportscaster Nick Bakay.

So who ya got? Kelly and Brandon have steep age disadvantages, while Bakay may suffer from an overly-inflated ego due to his immense small screen stardom achieved partly through his portrayal of Father McDaniels on The King of Queens. I’ll take Jackson, because while Gronk’s power is undeniable, his minor league baseball scouting report shows that his bat skills start and end at bat spinning while he’s possibly–no, likely–quite inebriated…