Many sports fans who are also adults in their spare time are aware that while their interest in a team may be intense and passionate, their pursuit of that interest is just a distraction from the far more important things in life, and nothing more. By being fans, we’re taking part in the least rewarding hobby known to human existence.

Then there are the irrational fans. This second group far outnumbers the logical thinking, more self aware fan. They wear spikes and helmets to football games, and pay absurd sums of money for billboards. They also offer a portion of their own paychecks to an already obesely rich athlete.

Yep, that last one is happening, and it’s happening right now in New Orleans as a potential solution to the Drew Brees contract standoff. The Saints quarterback has missed OTAs after refusing to sign the one-year contract tender on the table after he was given the franchise tag. He wants a long-term deal, and the next battle in this war will take place with an arbitrator present. He’ll determine if Brees has in fact been tagged twice, meaning a third tag at the end of next season will lead to a likely unaffordable 144 percent raise.

And that’s made Saints fans understandably nervous. They don’t want to lose their prized franchise arm, and a new website called “Fans Step Up!” that was started by a season-ticket holder wants to help the Brees negotiations by pushing fans to make a donation to his pockets.


Here’s the mission statement:

In the past few months, we fans have been frustrated to know that Drew Brees may not continue his professional endeavors in New Orleans for reasons completely out of our control. But we can do something about it. We can STEP UP and give Drew a BONUS for all that he has done for New Orleans and this region. We can send a clear message to Drew Brees that we appreciate what he has done for us.

Ugh. Every dime donated will go directly to the cause, meaning you can safely be assured as a Saints fan that your money will make your icon marginally richer.

We get it. Sports fans are creatures fueled by emotion, and the mere thought of losing a mega star like Brees is more than enough to prompt irrational behavior. But it’s remarkable that this is seen as an effective use of the spare change lying around that someone may use as a charitable donation.

Brees has often been praised for his presence in the New Orleans community, and if fans have some disposable income they want to donate out of good will, he’d much rather see it go back into that community. He wouldn’t want this.