I haven’t written my bucket list yet, but that seems like a pleasant, uplifting activity for this weekend during a sunny Sunday afternoon. One item that will certainly be included: playing real life Mario Kart. Things like skydiving and paragliding are far too mainstream, and the structural integrity of a harness can’t always be trusted. I know this, and so do 81-year-old grandmothers.

Jason Babin intends to participate in another common bucket list item that isn’t even on his bucket list. He’s just crazy.

He wants to run with the bulls in Spain. You know, this run…

Babin is more than just an avid outdoorsman. He’s beginning to establish an offseason caveman legacy that could rival the backwoods ways of Jared Allen. It’s a defensive end thing, I guess.

Babin missed the Eagles’ voluntary practices last week because he was on a bear hunting trip in Alaska, and there were problems with his flight home. Since he didn’t have cell phone reception in the bitter coldness of what I can only imagine is a slice of hell here on Earth, Babin couldn’t contact his team–or anyone–to tell them about his situation. So there was legitimate concern about his well being that was thankfully unwarranted.

Yeah, he’s that hardcore, and he goes to places with no Internet. I wasn’t aware that such a place existed.

He told Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer about his next adventure that involves a narrow street, massive angry animals, pointy horns, and possible death. But as an educated man of the wild, Babin assured McLane and Eagles fans that when the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain in early July is approached with the proper caution and care, there’s nothing to worry about.

“Everyone thinks it’s dangerous and hazardous,” Babin said. But it’s not if “done correctly and soberly,” he added.

“Bulls can’t turn the corner on cobblestone, so as long as you’re on the inside you’re going to be alright,” Babin said. ”I broke the tape down like game film.”

The mental image of Babin sitting in the film room for hours breaking down years of bull running footage is fantastic. Fast forwarding and rewinding with those cool clicker gadgets coaches and players have, he surely screamed to no one in particular and said “SEE THERE!!! THERE’S WHEN PEDRO TOOK HIS FIRST FALSE STEP!!!! NEXT THING YOU KNOW IT’S WHAMMMOO, HORN IN THE ASS!!!!!!!!1″…then silence and deep concentration.

While Babin is indeed a free spirit and seems to live life with a sort of controlled chaos in his spare time away from the field, maybe there is a bucket list element to this after all. When asked why he wants to run with enraged bulls, he told McLane that he has “a figurative man card that’s got certain punches that need to be punched out.”

Surely there’s a stipulation forbidding bull running in every contract, right?