I’ve learned a lot about advertising in my few years on this earth, partly from, you know, being alive and being sold crap I don’t need, and mostly from watching Mad Men. Don Draper has also enriched my views on compensation.

But here’s one core principle that even the most junior marketing executive and/or student knows: spell words correctly, and most importantly, spell names correctly. What you see above is either a name change by the league’s reigning MVP, or a classic error by a large group of people charged with getting a simple aspect of a creative ad correct.

To echo PFT’s Mike Florio, we make typos too. Everyone does, and every blog does. There may be a typo in this very post, which would be a delicious slice of irony. The difference is that while any typo is always a regrettable mistake, they happen here and elsewhere online due to the rush to move information, and then continue on to the next post, piece of research, or viral video that’s griping the Internet. The blog is an always hungry beast that must be fed constantly, and time to meticulously scrutinize writing is scarce.

Usually, there’s only one set of eyes on a blog post too: mine. Creating an ad like the one above is a process, and during that process the copy and concepts pass by numerous eyes and critical minds. Yet still, no one caught the absence of a “d” in Rodgers’ name.

That’s bad. Really bad.

Pic via the Sportress of Blogitude