I’m proud of you, Internets. It seems we’re all slowly becoming aware that while OTAs are important, the amount of interceptions Tim Tebow throws in May is utterly meaningless.

Progress is slow and gradual, but today the always armed keyboard warriors of Tebowland took a massive leap forward when they were relatively silent after this…

Usually, you would have heard a sound when this tweet started to appear on timelines along with other similar tweets from Jets beat reporters. That sound would have been Skip Bayless stumbling to pick up his head.

But instead there was mostly silence. Progress at last.

For the rest of the daily blow-by-blow in a QB battle that isn’t a QB battle at all, Tebow completed four of his five passes in 7-on-7 drills, including a touchdown pass to Stephen Hill. Meanwhile, Mark Sanchez connected on four of his six attempts, and threw a TD to Dustin Keller.

A winner and a loser will still be gleaned from the two sentences above. Hey, we can’t expect too much progress in one day.

Elsewhere, fans are painting themselves and singing bad parody songs about quarterbacks. So in many ways, it’s just another day in May.

As you were…