GLS Retrospective takes a look at some of the most memorable events in NFL history. Today’s installment features the day the Giants choked at Candlestick.

It’s fair to say the majority of people in this world would like to be famous – right?. I have zero data to back this claim but I’ll go with it.

Trey Junkin didn’t want to be famous. Long snappers never do. A good days work for them involves nobody knowing who they are. Unfortunately for ‘Junk’, Giants fans would remember him for years to come after their 2002 NFC Wild Card clash with the 49ers.

Games featuring Jeff Garcia and Kerry Collins aren’t supposed to memorable. Thanks to two horrible defenses and an epic second half comeback by San Fransisco it’s remembered as the game with an insane if not hilarious ending.

Your feature presentation…

Some bits and bites:

  • Kerry Collins: world beater. Funnily enough he was never supposed to be the starter in New York. After battling alcoholism during his days with the Panthers – a tumultuous time which featured a regrettable incident with Wide Receiver Muhsin Muhammad – Collins was Starting in Super Bowl XXXV one year later.
  • Jeff Garcia never stood a chance. Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jeff Garcia – which of these names doesn’t belong? In fairness, the former Stampeder had three great years after he took over the starting gig. Garcia’s frayed relationship with Terrell Owens would be his undoing.
  • Both secondaries in this game were atrocious. Owens’ opening score foreshadowed things to come.
  • Who is the Giants all-time leader in post-season receptions? That’s correct, man who suspiciously resembles Amani Toomer. Amani Toomer is the correct answer.
  • At 3:19 we get our first Kevin Costner sighting. Personally I believe anyone involved in the film adaptation of The Postman should be barred from all NFL sidelines.
  • The second best moment of this game: T.O strutting around after a two point conversion that made it a 38-22 followed by Michael Strahan pointing to the scoreboard. Knowing the Giants would soon collapse made it that much better.
  • Garcia and Owens had something special. Unfortunately for them and the 49ers their off field relationship was toxic.
  • With three minutes left and a five point lead Giants HC Jim Fassel elected to kick a 42-yard field goal instead of going for it on fourth and one. If they get the first down the game is done. Idiocy.
  •  Tai Streets! Top five all-time name.
  • Couple things about the end. 1) Matt Bryant’s lack of arm strength made me feel better about myself. 2) Pass interference? – Yes. Rules be damned. 3) The Giants should never have been in this position. Don’t blame Trey.  We’ll leave you with this: