In another life, Jeff Fisher was in a hair metal band. His hair was kept in place only by several jars of gel, and a strategically placed head hand. He was the drummer, meaning his song suggestions were routinely ignored, but he was still showered with female undergarments. Life was swell.

In reality, he’s the new head coach of the St. Louis Rams after spending 17 years in Houston/Tennessee. But he’s still a bad ass.

Fisher is a football coach during work time, and a closet rocker and music lover during play time. His rocker side doesn’t come out quite as often anymore, but the rockin’ Fisher surfaced in a pretty spectacular music video unearthed by Turf Show Times. Fisher did more than just star in the video and play a wild, gun-wielding cop who shoots people and makes them evaporate instantly. He also contributed to the production of the video, inviting Goodbye June to his Tennessee farm to shoot fake guns and blow up cars.

Here’s your feature presentation. Consider Fisher’s can of whoop ass opened…