The young, gifted athletes of today still aren’t helping the young, gifted athletes of tomorrow. If there’s a nauseating gag reflex that develops somewhere deep in your stomach every March and April when you hear the constant chatter about character issues, red flags, and other unquantifiable qualities that aren’t directly linked to on-field performance, then Justin Blackmon isn’t your friend right now.

He probably wasn’t your friend yesterday either, or any day before that because few of you know him personally. But if by chance you received a friend request from Blackmon over the weekend, you almost surely denied it, and you also became the annoying guy who lists his status as “maybe” for Blackmon’s birthday party, even though everyone knows you’re not going.

Here’s a quick review of Blackmon’s stupidity in case you missed it yesterday. The Jaguars’ fifth overall pick this year was arrested in Oklahoma early Sunday morning on an aggravated DUI charge after he blew .24 on a breathalyzer test, which is three times the state’s legal limit. It’s also triple the limit in Florida, the state where Blackmon is now employed.

Although most of the legal and behavioral problems with early picks over the past two drafts seem to be isolated in Detroit, Blackmon now has the honor of becoming the third first-round pick since last spring’s draft to be arrested on a DUI charge (Nick Fairley and Aldon Smith are the other two). It’s Blackmon’s second DUI charge over just the past 20 months, as he was also pulled over for driving under the influence when he was a star at Oklahoma State, which was the first incident that raised the questions about his character.

After maintaining silence for over 24 hours, the Jaguars finally issued their non-statement statement this morning.

“We are aware of the report and are gathering information. We don’t have any comment at this time,” a team spokesman said.

There’s no acknowledgment of disappointment. Just a lame swat away attempt, a tactic preached during the first week of public relations school.

For a franchise trying to start a new era under Shahid Khan and shed the stigma of similar drunken stupidity from the likes of Matt Jones, some public scorn is needed here, and fast.

And now the links part of the links post…

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  • Roddy White said that he expects a reduced role this year with the young and quickly emerging Julio Jones targeted more often under Dirk Koetter’s new offense in Atlanta, and he’s OK with that. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]
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  • Michael Bush has only had 25 or more carries in a game four times in his career. Dude’s paid to score touchdowns and hurt people, and that’s what he’s going to do in Chicago if the Bears can ever make Matt Forte smile by paying him the appropriate sum of money. [Bear Goggles On]

BLACKMON UPDATE: He appeared in court today and pleaded not guilty. His next scheduled appearance is July 24, three days before the Jaguars start training camp.