Attention breathes life into Chad Ochocinco. It’s his blood, oxygen, and his reason for existence. That’s why as annoying as he can be during his daily 140 character or less rants, Twitter is actually the ideal medium for us to experience the caricature that Ocho has become.

He’s far more entertainer than football player now, and we can choose to either ignore or interact with him at our own free will, unlike when he was relevant on an NFL field and orchestrating stunts involving reindeer. He’s harmless to most, and intolerable to others, but now he’s conveniently isolated in his tidy little Twitter box where his stream of consciousness has grown progressively more ridiculous.

So since we’re feeding his addiction, it takes a uniquely absurd tweet to warrant attention. Kind of like this…

He’s also apparently disrespectful to his ancestors and Malcolm X, or something.