I enjoy variety. I enjoy it at the grocery store, where I alternate between buying Jiffy Pop and Milk Duds as a nightly snack. I enjoy it in my daily attire as I switch between three pairs of jeans, and mostly decide what clothes to wear based on which items have the fewest buttons.

But most of all, I like variety here, in this blog and in this space, which is why there’s some slight pain as I lead the sacred ground that is our daily links post with Justin Blackmon for the second straight day. But when a man lies so blatantly to an officer of the law, he warrants such lofty treatment.

More details about Blackmon’s arrest in the early hours of Sunday morning have emerged, and they reveal his inability to obey a basic police direction, and his inebriated desire to put his hands deep in his pockets.

Take it away, Florida Times-Union:

The officer said in the affidavit that Blackmon was argumentative ‘and stated, “I just flew in. I don’t know why you are harassing me.”

He was told four times by police to keep his hands out of his pockets, police said. The affidavit also said that Blackmon drove left of the center line twice and made an improper turn.

After failing to yield for four blocks, he stopped at a gas station parking lot and was arrested, according to police.

Blackmon appeared in court Monday and pleaded not guilty.

Since this is his second DUI in less than two years, there’s a strong possibility that Blackmon will face discipline that goes beyond a fine. It’ll depend on whether or not Goodell wants to quickly deter the flawed behavior of a young player just entering the league, and to do that he’ll have to include Blackmon’s previous charge in 2010 as part of his punishment. That obviously occurred when Blackmon was playing his football in Oklahoma State, and when he wasn’t an NFL employee.

Actually, he’s not really an NFL employee now either. Technically he is, as he’s a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and unsigned rookies are permitted to attend all offseason training activities. But he’s still not under contract, and this latest misstep could cost Blackmon significantly.

Patrick Peterson, last year’s fifth overall pick, signed a four-year deal worth $19.5 million. That’s now feeling like a lot of money to give Blackmon, a guy who continually thinks it’s a fine idea to drink far more than the legal limit and get behind the wheel of a car, which is one of the dumbest things a person can do.

There’s never a free pass for drunk driving, but often we can let an incident slide with the rationale that these are still young kids playing pro football. The instant money and fame that comes with being a high draft pick and a worshiped athlete is difficult to handle, and without the proper maturity mistakes and errors in judgment can happen quickly.

That’s fine, but the lessons provided by mistakes are erased then they’re ignored, and Blackmon seems blissful in his ignorance.

And now the links part of the links post…

  • Marttellus Bennett has been busy “beasting out” this summer, and he’s not fat anymore (his words, not mine). Soon you’ll be able to buy “Bennett’s Beasting for Beefcakes,” a 20-minute workout video. [Kieran Darcy]
  • We can all resume our normal existence now, because the Donald Driver cleat snatcher has apologized. Publicly. Through a statement. [Green Bay Press Gazette]
  • Terrell Suggs is still talking about a fast recovery, saying that he’ll be back by November at the latest. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Terrell Owens fired Drew Rosenhaus, ending a long union of the two figures in professional sports who get the most enjoyment out of their own flatulence. [USA Today]
  • A Packers Super Bowl ring surfaced during a Chicago drug bust. Yep, that seems about right. [Chicago Tribune]
  • There’s a gap of about $1 million between the 49ers and Dashon Goldson. [Niners Nation]
  • Osi Umenyiora is happy, because often there’s a direct correlation between money and happiness (ask Lane Pryce). However, he’s well aware that he signed a “substandard deal.” [New York Daily News]
  • It’s still hard to figure out why anyone has ever spent more than several seconds thinking about Trent Edwards’ future in Philadelphia. He’s still just a veteran insurance policy, and nothing more. [Inside The Iggles]
  • Aaron Rodgers is hitting dingers off of a sausage man in his latest promo for the Brewers. [Total Packers]