The Giants let Brandon Jacobs depart for San Francisco earlier this offseason partly because of his advancing age as a running back (he’s 29), and partly because of money. He’s injury prone and has lost a step, and GM Jerry Reese was confident that he’d be able to find a suitable replacement through either the draft or free agency to platoon with Ahmad Bradshaw or play behind him.

That goal was accomplished, and the very capable David Wilson was drafted late in the first round and recently signed to a four-year contract. But when Jacobs left and joined the 49ers, one little Giants fan wasn’t happy.

Niners Nation passed along a series of tweets from Jacobs in which he shared the letter below from a six-year-old Giants fan that was transcribed by his mother.

Commence heart melt.

That’s $3.36 attached, which is little Joe’s contribution to Jacobs’ contract, and his attempt to keep his favorite player in New York. It’s a pretty substantial sum from a six-year-old’s piggy bank, and is at least one year’s salary earned by making beds and brushing teeth.

Jacobs tweeted that he almost cried, saying he may have to visit his special fan with the deep pockets.

The Giants travel to San Fran for a Week 6 game this fall, and flying Joseph to the Bay Area with his family would create a pretty awesome memory.

Make it happen, Brandon.