Secrecy is fundamental to football success. We all learned this as youngsters playing Madden with older brothers who continually dominated on the virtual field. The multi-player mode showed which plays were being selected by each player, so some clever, very Belichickian peeking was an easy way to cheat.

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams wants to give opposing offenses the 2012 version of that peek.

You see, the Broncos were among the first teams to devise a playbook that was compatible with the iPad, thus saving forests, and providing a far more convenient and user-friendly way for players to study and flip through the hundreds of formations they have to master, often in a short period of time. The problem as far as the NFL is concerned with playbooks on iPads is security. If a players’ iPad is lost or stolen, then so is the entire playbook that the offensive or defensive coaches have spent so much time developing.

As noted by the Mile High Report, the solution for the Broncos was software that could be wiped clean remotely if it’s been misplaced. It’s a genius innovation, and it allows the players to use modern technology, and the team doesn’t have to worry about theft, online or otherwise.

However, teams can’t protect themselves from moronic players who don’t know how to use technology. So take it away, D.J. Do you have something you’d like to show us?

Yep, that’s a picture of a page in the Bronco’s defensive playbook, broadcasted first to Williams’ 10,914 followers on Twitter, and then the entire Interwebs. Williams added this in his tweet:

Coach just told me I have to learn a new position over the weekn,, we have IPads as playbooks now, but I’m old skool I’m using flash cards & a #2 pencil..#ifitaintbrokedontfixit

That tweet has since been deleted, but the Internet is a indestructible animal with a long memory. Anything that enters its grasp for more than a few seconds never leaves.

After facing the expected backlash from fans of both the Broncos and common sense, Williams defended himself with this statement said through angry serial killer typing:

The end is cut off, but apparently it’s supposed to say “You really think I’d be stupid enough to do that?”

Yes we do, D.J. Yes we do.

Also of note, Williams is a man who enjoys a fine view, and his quest to seek only the best scenic views is displayed proudly in his Twitter avatar…